Trick or treat? The brilliant Derek Ryan is sure to bring plenty of treats when he returns to St John’s for the Halloween dance on Friday 1st November. The young man from Carlow Ireland is now undisputedly the number one country singer/songwriter in Ireland and with each passing week new attendance records are being set at all the big dance halls when this sublime talent is performing.

In a short space of time this singing and songwriting genius has put together an amazing body of work such as ‘Life is a River’, ‘Just a Little Love’, ‘I got my baby back’, Made of Gold, Irish Heart , Gods plan and indeed many more represent the accomplishment of putting poetry to music.

His covers of other well known songs are just as compelling. Take his recent single Wake Me Up which is being requested and played on a constant basis and which promises to be one of the many highlights of the biggest dance night of the year at St John’s at Halloween.

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