Irish Country singer Derek Ryan is well known for the frequency of his recordings and releases due to the large volume of material he has in his repertoire, often releasing new singles on a monthly basis. This time Derek has gone one step further with the release of two brand new singles on the one day.

This Friday, October 7th, The Carlow singer/songwriter unveils the first track from his Nashville songbook album, an album he recorded in the home of country music last January. ‘This is Me’, the title track of the album, was co-written with Woman’s Heart writer Eleanor McEvoy. The track was produced by Nashville’s Jeff Balding, who worked on the Don Henley album ‘Cass County’ amongst many others and was also nominated for a Grammy in the past. The single is the first recording to be released on the newly formed Ryan Records label which is exclusively distributed by Sharpe Music.

The second single out this Friday (October 7th) is the Christy Moore written song ‘City of Chicago’ and comes from the album ‘Happy Man’. That album, which hits the shops on the 21st October along with ‘This is Me’ has also spawned the hit songs ‘Yarmouth Town’ and ‘Your Only Young One Once’.

Speaking today about the forthcoming releases, Derek said it has been one of the best and busiest years in his life, recording the two albums.

“I now just can’t wait to hear people’s thoughts on the new material, which I believe is my best yet.

The singles ‘This is Me’ and ‘City of Chicago’ are available for download on iTunes this Friday through Sharpe Music.

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