After touring the World, releasing hugely successful, chart-topping albums, Derek Ryan, the pin-up poster-boy of Irish Country music, wastes no time in shaking off his jet-lag and releasing yet another outstanding new single: Ya Can’t Stay Here.

Unlike many music icons, content to sit on a sun-soaked beach all summer, comfortably resting on their laurels, Derek’s insatiable and relentless creative streak leads him to add to his illustrious and expansive back catalogue by releasing the fist-pumping, fantastic new folk hit Ya Can’t Stay Here.

Latest single Ya Can’t Stay Here is a fizzing, lively number which immediately transports the listener to the soggy beer mats and busy bars of the rural Irish pub. The Carlow-born singer’s exemplary song-writing skills and charm shine through on Ya Can’t Stay Here. Throughout his career Derek has always shown a wonderfully distinct way of conveying the atmosphere and welcoming nature of rural Ireland. Derek has the incredible talent to immerse his audience into the Irish-Country music lifestyle and community through his music.

Ya Can’t Stay Here eloquently reflects the summer carnival feel-good factor of the raucous, sing-a-long local Irish community. The song joyously expresses the delight of long sunny Irish summer days, making the listener feel welcome wherever they may be.

The new single offers Derek’s unique signature sound. Derek remains loyal to Irish-Country music tradition, while simultaneously giving the folk music genre a turbo-kickstart into the 21st Century. Ya Can’t Stay Here is vintage Derek Ryan, the track merrily bounces from start to finish displaying superb musicianship, irresistible hooks and melodies with cracking, catchy-choruses to match!

Derek continues to enjoy a long and stellar career. The Irish Country-music king has gathered numerous awards and critical acclaim. Derek has enjoyed huge success at competitions such as A Song for Carlow and The International Song of Peace. Derek’s tireless schedule has accumulated him an enormous army of fans with an unquenchable thirst for more music from the singer song-writing superstar. So far, Derek has fed this appetite by releasing ten hugely successful albums including A Mother’s Son (2010), Dreamers and Believers (2011), Country Soul (2013), as well as two Number One chart-topping albums – The Simple Things (2014) and One Good Night (2015). In 2016 Derek audaciously released two albums in one day, Happy Man and This is Me followed by the hugely successful 2017 album The Fire. In 2018, Derek will consolidate his dominance over the Irish-Country music scene with the release of his new album TEN.

Derek Ryan loves to perform live and continues his busy fixture list by hitting the road once again this Autumn with a stripped back acoustic tour across Ireland. While Derek loves the sell-out stadium arena tours playing in front of over 250,000 people a year, he also relishes the chance to perform in front of small, local crowds. His acoustic tours act as a humbling reminder of how the singer-song writer sensation first began his career as a solo artist. Differing from performances earlier in his career, these venues will undoubtedly sell-out – each venue packed to the rafters – bursting with the local community, whom are known to turn-out in force, eager to catch a glimpse of their hero as he rolls through their hometown.

Expect to see a lot of audience interaction, including off-the-cuff song requests from Derek’s extensive back catalogue, as well as stories, poems and a vast array of raconteur skills from the supremely talented and cherished travelling minstrel.

Find out where you can catch Derek live near you at or visit his Facebook page @DerekRyanMusic.