Derek Ryan has hit a career high reeling in huge success from his most recent album ‘The Fire’. Derek recently wrapped up his hugely successful Irish tour, even having to extend the show to Ireland’s capital city of Dublin after roaring reviews from fans. It was great to learn that Derek’s success and music is also well known in the States so it was inevitable a USA tour should be available for his dedicated Irish/American fans. Derek will take to the states in the summertime with 4 fantastic shows lined up. Derek will visit;

Thurs 14th June – Connelly’s Pub, New York
(212) 597-5126

Fri 15th June – Irish American Society, Mineola
(347) 613-1303

Sat 16th June – The Irish Centre, Philadelphia
(610) 639-5550

Sun 17th June – Irish Social Club, Boston
(617) 901-6760

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