Derek Ryan shows his sensitive side by releasing his emotional, tribute ballad To Waltz With My Mother Again. Lifted from Derek’s latest self-written, 12-track tenth studio album TEN, the track is a tear-jerking tribute to Derek’s late mother Sally.

Derek has always had a talent for articulating the more tender moments in life through his music and none more so than in his reflective sombre lullaby To Waltz With My Mother Again. The delicate number was written in the immediate aftermath of his mother’s passing.

Everyone has at some point experienced the loss of a loved one and Derek has captured that painful feeling when going through his own emotional turmoil.

After helplessly watching his mother pass away last July at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny, Derek wrote his sombre homage in a dark and forlorn state of mind, drawing inspiration from childhood memories of Irish dancehalls and the inescapable fragility of life.

The country star faced a dilemma, a demanding fanbase and congested touring and recording schedule left Derek little time to mourn and grieve his late mother. Instead, Derek found refuge in his music pouring his emotional turbulence and poignant thoughts into his songs.

“I went back gigging almost straight away, because I didn’t know what to do,” said Derek. “I had gigs coming up and tickets were on sale and, in our business, you can’t really just take a week off.” As a relentless touring artist desperate to appease his enormous following, Derek found it hard at times to focus on his profession while his thoughts were elsewhere, “It was tough getting on stage, because people expect you to be up for it and stay smiling. But you can’t smile – there is nothing to smile about. I was in the zone, I got through it and that was it.”

By channelling his emotions into his music, Derek has written one of his most moving ballads which will resonate with grieving families across the World.

Ten is Derek’s tenth studio album comprising of 12 self-penned songs including the fan-favourite smash-hit singles Ya Can’t Stay Here, Honey Honey, Hayley Jo as well as the delicate, heart-warming wedding ballad I Do. 

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