In a harmonious blend of past and present, Derek Ryan’s musical prowess thrives on the echoes of his father’s melodic legacy. Through anecdotes and tales from his father’s musical journey, Derek crafts those stories with modern melodies that provide an infectious lively song with the release of his latest song ‘Kickham Inn’ ; a song that found its roots in the heartwarming recollections of a lounge that once enchanted the town of Carrick-on-Suir.

Derek’s childhood summers were sprinkled with the magic of the Kickham Inn, an establishment that is etched in history.  Nestled within its walls, Pat Ryan’s band, Cupla, regularly played country and folk songs that resonated with the very soul of the community.  As a young observer, Derek soaked in the atmosphere and remembered memories of laughter and camaraderie that would shape his artistic journey many years later.

One evening, a local voice uttered the words “Kickham Inn where they kick you out,” igniting a spark within Derek’s consciousness. Unbeknownst to him, that fleeting phrase would plant the seed for his newest creative work. “Kickham Inn.”  The song, is a poignant testament to the power of nostalgia, a musical journey that threads the past into the vibrant fabric of the present.

As time marches on, the Kickham Inn’s doors have now closed, but its legacy lives on through Derek’s musical tribute. The warmth of the welcome, the laughter of shared moments, and the power of music that transcended boundaries were the heartbeat of this establishment, an integral part of rural Ireland’s social tapestry.

Derek Ryan pays homage to the invaluable role that small family-run pubs play in communities across Ireland. Like the confidantes of old, the publican held the key to hearts, a listening ear for those seeking connection. Derek’s heart resonates with the fading lights of these cherished pubs, acknowledging their profound impact on the lives of many.

Reflecting on this, Derek said: “The publican was to a man what the hairdresser is to a woman, a person they could confide and share their troubles with.” The spirit of the Kickham Inn lives on not just in the song’s lyrics but in the collective memory of countless rural bars where secrets were kept, and bonds were forged.

Derek Ryan’s “Kickham Inn” unveils a tale which is timeless, an ode to the past that reverberates through the present. With every note, listeners are transported to a world where memories become melodies and the magic of music will live on for years, long after the pub door has been closed.

‘Kickham Inn’ is now available on download and streaming channels. It is taken from a forthcoming album due for release later this autumn.