Ireland’s “Entertainer of the Year”, has announced the release of his first single ‘You’re Only Young Once’ from forthcoming album, ‘Happy Man’.

The new single, ‘You’re Only Young Once’, or #YOYO for short, is a lively & upbeat song, which is sure to go down well on the dance floors up & down the country as Derek continues his tour.

Not only it is a lively tune, Derek’s song has a strong message to live your life while you can – something which I’m sure his fans will agree with!

Derek’s forthcoming album, ‘Happy Man’ will be released on the 21st October is said to be his best yet. The album is straight down the line country, and boasts 14 new songs, with everything from originals to lively, upbeat dance tunes to soft ballads.

Download #YOYO now via iTunes