Derek Ryan releases a fitting tribute to the farming community in his brand new self-penned song ‘Thank God for the Farmers’.

“It felt the sun was setting on the world and its plans, we didn’t have to worry, we were always in good hands. In the heart of the country, yeah we all have some friends”, reflects Derek on the new track the country singer spent time writing and recording, during lockdown, in his home-built studio.

The lyrics of new song ‘Thank God for the Farmers’ reflect this period of Derek’s life when things were quiet for the singer who usually tours all year round. “We sold-out the Farmers Bash in the SSE Arena, Belfast in October and were locked down the following March”, says Derek, who had been the headline act at the 9,000 strong country music event for three years in a row.

“It’s been a quieter year for all of us in the country scene, and the music industry in general, but when the world was locked down the Farmers were still out there doing their jobs, keeping us fed and watered. This is where I drew inspiration from for the lyrics of this song” said Derek.

“It took a storm to show us, shelter can be found… Thank God for the Farmers, nobody’s working harder… Let’s hear it for the Farmers who keep us fed and watered, these crazy days when I kneel and pray, you’ll hear me say, Thank God for the Farmers”.

The award-winning country music singer/songwriter felt now was the right time to release a follow up single to his hugely popular ‘Friends with Tractors’ song which was received with huge admiration far and wide in the farming community back in 2017. No stranger to this community, Derek Ryan is always a fan favourite at events such as the Balmoral Show, the National Ploughing Championships and has been a regular headliner at events for the Young Farmers Clubs.

‘Thank God for the Farmers’ is taken from Derek Ryan’s brand new album set for release at the end of this year, with Derek taking to the roads again at the start of 2022 on his new nationwide concert tour. “I’ve been on the road ever since I started out 10 years ago, releasing a new album every year on top of that. But the past year has not stopped me from writing new music and being in my own home studio has helped”.

Derek, who writes all his own material and has previously won ‘Songwriter of the Year’, continued “I can’t wait for my fans to hear my new single ‘Thank God for the Farmers’ and all my new material. But performing these new songs live for them will be even better”.

‘Thank God for the Farmers’ is out now and available to stream from all music platforms here

Watch the official music video for ‘Thank God for the Farmers’ here

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