Country takes on sea-shanty with Derek Ryan’s new summer single ‘Leave Her Johnny’

Irish country’s Derek Ryan embarks on a new musical journey with his latest single ‘Leave Her Johnny’, infusing his distinct signature Irish country music sound with a fresh twist on the rich heritage of sea shanties.

A follow-up to last summer’s hugely successful Cows on the Hill single, ‘Leave Her Johnny’ showcases Derek Ryan’s exceptional talent for storytelling. Last year being the old tale “if the sun is in the sky, the cows are on the hill,” to this summer transporting listeners onto the seas of maritime folklore, as Derek invites listeners to experience a voyage of the triumphs and tribulations of life on the open sea.

Inspired by the infectious energy and timeless charm of sea shanties, Derek continues to pay homage to the traditional music that inspired his last album. “It’s a newer sound for me, but it’s not a million miles away from the album I released in December called ‘Pure & Simple’ which was inspired by the traditional music and songs passed down to me through generations of my family. I would describe my new music as stripped back with a more organic feel and that’s why it felt right to release Leave Her Johnny this summer. I’m excited to play it live for the first time at this summer’s festivals.”

Derek Ryan’s remarkable ability to breathe new life into traditional musical genres has earned him widespread acclaim, with multiple awards and a huge fanbase across the world. With ‘Leave Her Johnny,’ Derek once again demonstrates his versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending the nostalgia of sea shanties with his own modern Irish country style as he looks forward to playing his new song live for the first time when he headlines the biggest festivals in Ireland, Scotland and Europe this summer.

Hailing from Carlow, Derek Ryan has become a household name in the country music scene known for his live performances and huge fanbase. With his last album ‘Pure & Simple’ topping the charts in Ireland and currently touring his biggest concert tour yet, Derek has solidified his place as one of Ireland’s most beloved country music stars, with more new music to be released over the coming months.

Derek Ryan’s new single, ‘Leave Her Johnny’ is out now on all platforms.

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